Batch Freezers


Stoelting’s Batch Freezers bring together high capacity and maximum energy efficiency. These reliable batch freezers are perfect for premium ice cream, gelato, custard, sherbet, sorbet, and water ices. They are simple to operate, easy to maintain, and built to assure perfect frozen desserts every time.



Batch Freezer features include:

  • Slim footprint, sleek design and convenient controls
  • Clear acrylic freezing cylinder cover allows monitoring of product while freezing
  • Easy access to freezing cylinder
  • Swing gate style, stainless steel extraction door design provides rapid extraction of product.
  • Large diameter freezing cylinder facilitates extremely fast freezing times, resulting in very small ice crystal formation
  • Time controlled freezing cycle achieves smooth texture and product consistency
  • Low cost, long wearing, NSF approved plastic beater blades minimize frequent and costly blade replacement
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel beater shaft built to withstand years of use


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